6th may snapshot bug: WAN queues not showing, shapping not working

  • I've a late april snapshot runnning fine.

    Today i was testing the 6th may snapshot, for that i had transfered the config from the late-april-snapshot PC to another PC running 6th may snapshot.

    The backing up/restore process went fine. I was asked to reassing interfaces (because of different hardware), but no problem here.

    The new PC connects to internet, but in the Status>Queues no "on WAN" queues are shown, only "on LAN"
    And I can confirm that my upload traffic ("on WAN") is not being shapped. Download traffic ("on LAN") works ok.

    I've reviewed manually all the configuration, and all was ok, but no upload shapping.

    Relevant configuration:
    WAN type: PPPoE
    Limiter in and out applied to LAN interface (upload limiter not working, download work)
    Various floating rules (generated with wizard, and working fine in last-apr snapshot), "on LAN" rules works ok.

  • This is in fact a symphtom of another problem discussed here:

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