Packages for amd64 build

  • Hi there ,

    just a short question

    I have 3 PFSense 2.0 AMD 64 installations used as l2tp/pptp vpn dial-in servers.

    Now i would need the ospf package already availible for the 32 bit build.

    How to build this package for 64 BIT? for the moment I use the ospfd package installed via pkg-add. It would be nice also to have the PFSense GUI for configuration.

    Is there an easy way to build this PKG for 64?

    many thanks in advance


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There isn't really an easy way to do that from a user-perspective.

    A developer with access to a 64 bit system will need to build the package or at least add the necessary XML to the package repository to activate it for 64 bit installs.

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