• I have just bought a D-Link DWL-G520, and installed into pfsense (0.95.4). After assigning the interface as ath0, I take a look at ifconfig and found that ath0 status: no carrier, what's wrong?

  • After assigning the interface you have to configure the settings at Interfaces>OPTx (your assigned ath0 interface). Enable it there and set the desired options (Mode Accesspoint, channel, SSID,…). No carrier means that there is no active association if it runs in clientmode. If configured as Accesspoint it should sow up as "up".

  • Thank you!
    After setting up as Access Point, ifconfig shows
    status: associated
    (not up)
    But then, what other parameters shoud be?
    Type ….
    Bridge with ....

    (Well, this pfsense is just a testing router behind another router)

    In fact, now my XP client can detect the AP, but XP can't get an IP from pfsense, what should I check?

  • You can bridge it to another interface (like LAN) if you want to have the wireless clients in the same range like the LAN clients (like classical Accesspoints do) or you can give it an additional IP and subnet.

    Make sure you have a rule at your OPTx-interface (wireless) to allow traffic. If ion doubt setup a rule at this interface same like the "default LAN to any" rule at the LAN interface but with source "any".

    If you create a seperate subnet for this interface additionally setup your DHCP-Server at "Services>DHCP" OPTx-tab in the webgui.

  • It doesn't work.

    I selected "Bridge with : none", so I used a seperate subnet.
    The Lan subnet is
    The WLan subnet is
    All kinds of securities are off.
    Firewall rule for WLan is allowed from any to any

    XP client can get a correct IP (, but no connection.

    What can be wrong?