NAT & dialup huawei e180

  • Hi people, I have pfsense set up and running on virtualbox with XP as host machine. I use NAT for WAN in pfsense and a bridge to my physical ethernet LAN, all runs perfect when my usb dialup modem is manually switched on and connected, but I can not figure out how to allow autoconnect of dial up modem.

    ICS offers options to auto dial the modem when traffic is detected on XP's LAN, but I am having trouble with this setup. If I enable ICS on the dialup modem and bind ICS to the virtualbox host adaptor and set pfsense WAN(vbox host adaptor) to static it will not work. Windows gives vbox host adaptor the ip of , if I set pfsense WAN static to and gateway to and LAN to static in the understanding that vbox host adaptor at hands out ip's as the DHCP server, no joy :(

    I also tried XP's dialing locations options to dial the modem but as its a usb modem it does not seem to want to work.

    What am I doing wrong, setup 1 above works perfect, but as I said I need autodial of dialup modem on the XP machine wakeup.


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