Telus, 1 mac per ip

  • I'm trying to replace 5 routers with one switch or computer. Telus only allows me to have 1 ip per mac. Can I use 2 network cards and clone multiple mac address' off one Nic?

    Or is there a switch I can buy with muiltiple exter mac address?

    I'm really confused!!!

  • Generally speaking it is impossible to replace several routers by one switch.
    Can you give more details about you current setup and about what you are trying to achieve?

  • My provider only allows me 1 mac per IP. So I was thinking of using Cisco's Vlans. Right now I have my adsl modem connected to an 8 port switch which connects to my 5 linksys routers. I want to replace the 5 linksys routers with 1 firewall but I don't know what to do. I run a small web business that needs 5 webservers.

    Does this help? Would a managed switch do the same thing?

    The problem started when one of my servers was compramized and it took me all day to figure out which one was broke by looking at the band width.

  • You can solve that with a single IP and either the HAProxy package (to direct connections to the appropriate physical server) or one web server and virtual hosts (vhosts).

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