Possible bug - Restoring Traffic shaper backuped config disables queues

  • Hello,

    I'm not sure if this is a bug, or a change in configuration between snapshots, but here's what happens:

    1. Running pfsense with late-april snapshot, Traffic shapper enabled, running ok.
    2. Installed 8th may snapshot in another computer
    3. Restored in the 8-may computer, the configuration backuped in the late-april computer

    Result: All WAN nested Queues were DISABLED. They restores fine, but DISABLED. So traffic shaper on uploads were not active.

    So I've to manually enabled them to work. Once enabled, it worked exactly as the late-april snapshot.

    Note: All LAN nested queues were enabled, just like it should.

    Note 2: the only difference I notices between the snapshot is that late-april doesn't have "Bandwidth" option in first place in queues edit page.

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