Getting to the external IP & portfowards from inside.

  • This used to work on ipcop:
    I'm inside,say on

    I have a portforward through the natting device (ipcop | pfsense) that says : port 8000:externalIP to port 80:

    I'm on

    I go to:
    http://externalIP:8000/ and see nothing.

    This worked on ipcop, so I was wondering what it would take to make this work w/ pfsense.

    Thanks for pfsense, this is the most promising project I've ever seen in firewall history, this thing has the best chance to kill PIX/Altiga boxes, please keep the releases coming and the add ons coming FAST.

    Is there a way for the public to file bugs?

  • add system advansed eneable nat reflection

  • @mickrussom:

    Is there a way for the public to file bugs?

    You can create bug tickets at but pleaso only file tickets when you are absolutely sure that you found a bug in the LATEST version or after you have been told by one of the devs to create a ticket. First discuss at forum or mailinglist to make sure the problem is not caused by misconfiguration or whatever.

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