DNS Multi lan subnet on one gateway

  • Hello,

    This does not appear to be causing any probs but noticed something on our newly setup pfSense 1.2.3 .
    Our school has 4 lan subnets running to one gateway.>pfSense LAN ip  = server ip's                           = elementary                          = high school                            = admins

    I have a static route for each of the subnets that points down to the in pfSense .
    The .8 subnet comes up with one of the two/(alternating) WAN public ip's as it should.
    The other three subnet's workstations ends up showing the internal ip address when going to  whatsmyip.net
    I have changed the allowed subnets in the firewall rules from LAN to any as well.
    Also have set up squid and squidguard FWIW. Wondering if this may be part of the calculation.
    As though dns is supplying public ip numbers for .8 and not the other three subnets.
    Have two dns servers listed in pfSense web-gui one each for each isp for wan failover/balancing.


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