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  • Hey Guys,

    Have looked through the forum and through google and found a little information. but haven't solved my problem yet, basically im just wandering if anyone has a package that monitors bandwidth of local address that can be installed with pfsense and is easy to use and is easily interpretable..

    like TCAR on IPcop.. not that i could ever get it working!.. but something similar.. is there a pfsense package with BandwidthD in it already? sorry im a bit of a noob

    the situation is.. i need to monitor who is using all the internet bandwidth in our house.. and i need it to show like a daily/monthly realtime log

    thanks guys :-)

  • BandwidthD is a package that you can add the pfsense if you want… Works pretty good but it only monitors 1 interface. Monitor your LAN and you'll be able to see by IP, who is using what bw. Also, vnStat is another package you can install that will give you totals for each interface...

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    There is a whole page dedicated to this subject:

  • Thanks forthe replys guys,

    ive installed Pfsense 1.2.3 onto my machine, gone to packages but whenever i try to install ntop it just hangs at "extracting" and i cant even get back to though he web interface and end up having to hard reboot. ive installed bandwidthd.. and its running but cant figure out the config to get it to display graphs. and have also installed darkstat but i cant seem to "start" the service.. every time ive installed.. or attempted to install a package ive had to hard reboot the router.. any ideas why this probel could be occuring?

    can anyone help me with the bandwidthd config?

    thanks again

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