Newbie Network Setup for Hotspot

  • Hi all,

    I'm new with PfSense and i've read some howto but i didn't find what i expect to:
    I'd like to add a hotspot for our visitors and i've seen that PfSense is perfect for this ;)

    This is our network structure, i can't/don't want to change it:

    And this is the new architecture i thought about with hotspot:

    What network interface should i declare on the PfSense Machine ?
    from PfSense to LA: let's say
    from PfSense to the AP: let's say ?
    from the AP to PfSense: let's say ?

    what kind of cable should i use between PfSense and AP ? cross over cable i assume ?

    In the webconfigurator, the LAN is used for What should i use for WAN ? ?
    On the AP, should i run DHCP knowing that a DHCP is already running on firewall coyote ?

    Sorry for this long post. I'll be able to write a mini-howto when i'm done with this hotspot.



  • This is pretty much the same question/solution.,24663.msg127662.html#msg127662

  • thanx for the link.

    What i can't figure out is, from the PfSense Box point of view, what should be the LAN and WAN in my case ?

    If the WAN is the interface from where i get Internet, in my case, the WAN is ?



  • You should check the pfSense Wiki theres tons of good tutorial, FAQs and How To's.

    Sounds like you'll need Use an existing wireless router with pfSense and Captive Portal

  • Yes, pfsense WAN would be *.99.6 and pfsense lan needs to be on a different subnet, something like

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