It is possible on pfsense (Dual wan , policy routing)

  • Dear All,

    I have two connection at home , cable and adsl.
    I setup a pfsense to do a loadbalancing and failover, it acts perfect.

    Then I have created a rule (policy routing) that route an internet subnet (e.g.
    which all the connection incoming via adsl gateway (because it is faster than connect via cable)

    However, if the adsl is down, I cannot connect to this internet subnet (bcoz poloci routing exist).

    So, it is possible that I can do a failover for this issue without disable the routing rule ?

    Hope someone can give me a suggestion. Thanks a lot.



  • You can simply create a failoverpool with the ADSL line as primary WAN and then use this pool as gateway instead of the gateway directly.

  • Thanks GruensFroeschli .

    However, when the cable line is running in max speed during P2P. Does the adsl can take care (load balance)
    other incoming connection ?



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