FTP script execution times

  • So now that my pfsense box is up and running, handling everything beautifully, i started to forward ports and test my servers functionality… i ran into a snag when i tested the FTP server (using net2ftp)... on my prior router the script executions were almost immediate  but now that i have switched over to the pfsense box it takes around 20 seconds to do anything. I've disabled the ftp-helper thing on all interfaces (WAN, LAN, and LAN2) as well as forwarded port 21 to The server is connected to LAN2 which has access to LAN and the internet, i know that it does because i can access my steam clan's web page from my computer (same network) and from school.  LAN2 is bridged to LAN so it shares the subnet and a rule on LAN2 allows for the sharing of the DHCP.

    What could be the issue behind the long script execution times? Is it that i haven't created the proper firewall rules or is it just an issue with how many things the connection ahs to got through (main computer->old router->pfsense->server)?

    Thank you in advance for helping a newbie set up his network :P

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