My dual ISP isnt working.

  • I have a problem with my new setup.

    I have 2 internet connections with different ISP company here in our place.

    I already installed hardware of 2 additional ethernet ports plus 1 built in ethernet port. I connected the 2 internet connections in the 2 addon ethernet ports and the other one is for the LAN connection.  I setup pfSense and configured the WAN, LAN and the OPT1 INTERFACE.

    Interface WAN general configuration: DHCP. 
          Interface LAN configuration: IP configuration- bridge with opt1, ip address-
          Interface opt1: Enable optional 1 interface, DHCP.

    I want to setup same like this connection below.

    Pls help.  thanks….

  • Why do you bridge the opt interface?
    Did you follow the multiWAN howto in the wiki?

  • yes. i followed the instructions in multiWAN wiki. 
    I changed already the LAN configuration ip configuration - none. ip address -

    How to check if my configuration works correct?

  • Just connect a client behind the pfSense and access the internet.
    If you've set up your pools and rules using the pools correctly, you will see the traffic balanced on both WANs.