Load Balancing Question

  • Hello,

    I have a setup of three connections… each interface has been setup with a static IP, gateway etc. I've setup a load balancing pool as per documentation and would like to clarify/know if I understand this correctly.

    WAN - DSL1
    OPT1 - DSL2
    OPT2 - DSL3

    I have the following under Services -> Load Balancer;

    Name                Type                        Gateways                        Status                  Description
    LoadBalanced gateway (balance)      opt1 & opt2                      Online                  DSL2 & DSL3 Load Balanced
    DSL2ToDSL3        gateway (failover)      opt1 & opt2                      Online                  DSL2 Failover to DSL3
    DSL3ToDSL2        gateway (failover)      opt2 & opt1                      Online                  DSL3 Failover to DSL2

    If I for example, add one more failover pool, with only DSL1's configuration, does that mean that should DSL2 & DSL3 be down, DSL1 would take over? Or do I have this wrong? The config would look something like this;

    DSL23ToDSL1        gateway (failover)      wan                      Online                  DSL2 & DSL3 Failover to DSL1

    What I'd like to achieve is to have DSL2 & DSL3 load balanced with failover, but if both of them are down, have DSL1 route all traffic...

    Hope I make sense with the above, any comments, suggestions and advise much appreciated!


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