After loss of electricity -> carp0: incorrect hash

  • Hi,

    i've had my pfsense carp cluster working for quite some time without problems.
    Today we had a loss of power on certain electric lines and since then internet via pfsense cluster works in cca 3 minute intervals or less. By that i mean it works, then it stops then it works again.. the following applies only to the traffic that gets forwarded (connection tracking). Connections from FW's to internet and from FW's to LAN work without problems.

    I've also noticed plenty of messages like this:
    carp0: incorrect hash
    last message repeated 120 times

    I don't think i've seen them before.

    Should i reinstall both nodes? I tried syncing configuration for carp but it didn't work. The same happens even if one node is shut down completely.

  • I had the same situation once. Reboot of both nodes helped (after checking CARP-passwords are the same on both nodes).

  • Tnx, i'll try that tomorrow. :-)

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Check the clocks on both systems. If the clocks are not sync'd up, you can see messages like that too.

    That might especially be a problem after a power outage.

  • I didn't do anything and it works today.
    OK i to be exactly truthful i did hard reboot yesterday before i went home. :-)

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