Installing SABnzbd?

  • Hello,

    I managed to get pfSense 1.2.3 up and running in a VM and I would like to install SABnzbd. I intend to buy a computer dedicated to pfSense, SABnzbd and file sharing but I would like to experience with a VM first.

    Anyway, I am not so literate when it comes to BSD or Unix and I am not very familiar about attempting to untar and compile SABnzbd plus installing python and the required modules.
    I don't even know where to start…

    This is what I found but I am not sure how to use it:

    All I could do so far was fetch the sabnzbd source off sourceforge and that's pretty much it. I couldn't even untar it :D

    Could anyone help me out with that please?

  • I assume you're looking at installing this in a different VM from pfSense?

    If you want to install it on the same VM as pfSense then your best bet will be to install the sabnzbdplus FreeBSD package, using pkgadd -r sabnzbdplus.  Note that it requires a number of other packages and you may break your pfSense VM in the process.

    Instead I'd recommend you create a separate VM with your preferred operating system.  For FreeBSD or any Linux variant use the package installation system provided.

  • I would like to install it on the pfSense machine.

    My idea is to have the pfSense machine do the routing, firewalling and QoS along with acting as a fileserver and run sabnzbd.
    This way I can have the pfSense machine on at all times and downloading without keeping the other laptops in the house online (we are out and about with the laptops most of the time).
    Why would the package break pfSense?

  • We'll skip past the fact that you're reducing the security of your firewall by adding a fileserver and other such applications.  There's plenty on that if you search the forum ;)

    The risk of breaking pfSense comes from the other packages sabnzbd(plus) requires.  If any of those replace anything on pfSense already then pfSense may stop working, in part or whole.  It would be far better to purchase a second low power system and use that to handle that type of task.

  • Ok, thanks!

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