/var/etc/racoon.conf missing

  • Hi Guys

    For some reason I cannot yet fathom, my /var/etc/racoon.conf is missing which means ipsec wont start.  All the info is there in the /cf/conf/config.xml file and i have IPSEC checkbox enabled through the web interface.

    Really strange and i can see any errors in the logs. Can anyone point me in the right direction for working out why its not generating the racoon.conf from config.xml.

    Running version 2.0-BETA1 .


  • OK just for the record this is a dumb issue IMO.


    The article above was spot on, as soon as I gave my WAN an IP the /var/etc/racoon.conf got written out like it was supposed to do and everythign starts working.

    In my particular config I need to run my external interface on vlan 1, which with pfsense means creating a new interface.  This new interface uses the physical nic on the WAN but the IP is assigned to the VLAN interface and not the WAN, hence why my WAN did not have an IP.

    So easy fix but kind of a silly reason for not working I would say.

    Having said all that i reckon pfsense is fantastic!

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Using the physical NIC directly and a VLAN on the same NIC is rarely a good idea.

    Are you sure what you are trying to do with WAN/vlan1 actually makes sense?

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