Apt cacher for pfSense

  • Hi everyone,

    I have been searching for some kind of apt-cacher for pfSense but came empty handed. I simply need to cache any .deb files that is downloaded from repositories.
    I know this can be done by configuring Squid to cache big files, but I was looking for something "smarter", that for example would replace older versions of a .deb file with a newer, even if the older version was recently downloaded.

    I found something similar to this in IPCop:
    This add-on would not only work with .deb files, but also with large, 300MB Service Packs for Windows.

    Is there anything like this for pfSense?


  • Have you read this thread?

  • @Cry:

    Have you read this thread?

    No, I hadn't. I swear I tried searching every keyword combination I could think of before posting  ::) The keywords for this subject can be tricky and often used for something else.

    Thanks for the pointer Cry Havok!
    I guess I'll stick with squid then. I just hope the cache doesn't become a mess with 40MB, 2 year old files scattered everywhere…

  • It doesn't look like any of the apt caching programs have a FreeBSD port, which pretty much rules out any chance of a pfSense package.

    If you raise a bounty, somebody may take it on.

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