(SOLVED) help needed with subnets. (updated)

  • Hi.

    Solved by either enabling "Register DHCP leases in DNS forwarder" or by enabling "Allow IPv6 traffic"

    I have a little problem getting 2 subnets talking together.

    pfsense box with 3 interfaces, 1 wan, 1 lan, 1 wireless.

    Lan subnet: 
    Wireless subnet:

    I have internet connection on both subnets.

    UPDATE ## At first i could not ping the laptop from the stationary comp and vice versa,

    disable NAT reflection helped on that one, now i can ping from host to host, and i can see shares,
    but only if i use the IP address.

    How can I get my laptop on wireless to access a share on my stationary comp on lan, using its hostname?

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