Can't delete extra authentication server.

  • Hi,

    If i add an extra radius authentication server all is o.k. , but when i want to Delete it , it remains after a message that it's succesfully deleted.

    how ca'n i delete this extra server ? ???

  • May be this is a bug.

    Please write all steps to reproduce the problem, including anything unusual in your configuration, or anything that you might think has to do with the problem.

    Then, any of the developers will be able to reproduce the problem and solve it.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    There does seem to be a bug here.

    If I add two, delete the second, then delete the first, the last one won't delete and the settings are replaced with that of the second.

    EDIT: Refresh the page and they're both there still. So it looks like it's trying to delete it, but it doesn't actually happen.

    I created a ticket for this issue,