Cannot open one Url only

  • Hi @ll

    I have PFSense 1.3.2 Release and Squid (transparent) installed. For two days now we cannot
    open the company homepage from behind the PFsense box. Browsing the Internet to all other
    sites is no problem.
    Opening our company homepage works from all other locations.
    The users here have this as their browser start page and said it took longer and longer to
    open this Url until it finally times out.
    The Firefox bottom bar shows "Connecte to" but it does not load the page,
    same with other browsers.
    Nslookup to the site works fine from behind the PFsense box so the name resolution should
    May it be something got stuck in the Squid Cache ? Is there a way to possibly delete the cache ?

    Any help appreciated

    thx thafener

  • There is a chance that Squid is using a different DNS server than when you do nslookup (setting is in the GUI).  Also check the setting related to non-route-able IPs.  Also try putting your site in the do not cache or adding it (manually) as an exception to the transparent redirect rule in squid.conf (

    Have you tried accessing your company homepage through another squid installation outside of your network?  There are a hand full of sites that for one reason or another just do not get along with squid.  Perhaps yours is one of them?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If the site is hosted locally behind that same pfSense box, try checking the box in squid to bypass the proxy for RFC1918 networks.

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