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  • I believe that when 2 arrives that it will carry some features that would be very useful to me.

    Background - I have 2 ISP connections one is ZEN (private with 50Gig cap), the other is BT (unlimited corporate), I would like to manage both of these through the same box / firewall. Currently both are completely seperate, both are PPPoA, only ZEN runs through my pFSense 1.2.3 right now via PPPoE.

    1 : I would like to load share across the two ISP's and or send specific traffic from certain machines to one ISP. Just what features are available to do this.

    2 : I would like to log into the corporate VPN via the BT ISP at firewall level rather than via the PC level via Cisco because the Cisco prevents any interaction with local printers etc. Could a Cisco session be handled in pFSense 2 given that the cisco has a stupid username / password authentication process in addition to the IPSEC type stuff?

    If the responses are reasonably positive I may spend a little time to set up a beta system, selfish reasons if there are problems with what I want to do I can contribute to the 'beta' work / discussions any issues etc that I find.

    1. Load Balancing and routing features that handle this have been available since pfSense 1.2 at least, probably earlier.  Take a look in the Multi-WAN forum for more information.

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