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  • Hi,

    I am making some tests on the 2.0 versions and I have find that if I give this rights to users (WebCfg - Package: Settings page  Allow access to the 'Package: Settings' page, WebCfg - Package: Edit page  Allow access to the 'Package: Edit' page) they also have access to default installed packages (OLSR, OpenNTP, RIP, uPNP and perhaps others).

    Is there a way to remove access to this default packages? Is there a way to also limit the access to specific packages?

  • right now, i don't think so, because pfsense's rights management comes with a default set of privileges and doesn't know, which packages will be installed.
    For the default installed packages, i don't see how.

    as 2.0 is beta, like pfsense's team mentioned, not all of the packages are migrated to 2.0.

    Here you can monitor the status of packages in 2.0.

    But as you surely see, the progress is fast and the beta is pretty stable..

    After finalization of 2.0 and the integration of remaining packages, i believe, this could be a "feature" to expect..

    EDIT:,25161.0.html (specific access to user manangement)

  • Hi,

    OK, I understand, you already done a great job.

    I am not a good programmer and don't understand everything on how pfSense is working (on developpement side) but I really need such feature so I will try to take some time to try to implement it (perhaps only for the packages that I need (incorporating it into pfSense base on my firewall) if I don't find a global solution, …).

    For my case I only need to add a user management page under the captive portal (only for users of captiveportal group), so I will begin with this and try to do the pkg selector after this because I will be more interested to use Radius than local user manager, ...

    For this I need some informations :

    • Where is located the list of "system privilegies" on the filesystem?

    • Is the informations below used for managing this on php files of pfSense :

      ##|*NAME=Package: Settings page
      ##|*DESCR=Allow access to the 'Package: Settings' page.

      if (isAllowedPage("system_usermanager")) {}

    • How to add a menu item on pfsense (not using package)?

    • How to add a tab on a page ?
        I have seen that it seems to be hardcoded using this "$tab_array = array();", so it says that I must modify every pages of captive portal. Is this right?

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