Why are there multiple target queues on the rules page - answered

  • Hey guys, I had this question last week and found a bunch of unanswered forum topics that I can't reply to anymore to answer them. I consulted the manual and it also didn't explain clearly why there are 2 queues to specify on the shaper rules pages, so I spoke with support and Jim clarified it for me. The two queues are required because the shaper is stateful, so regardless of the direction of traffic that your rule is trying to match, there will generally be some return traffic, in the form of ACKs or any other confirmation packets that are returning. The second queue is for matching those returning packets.

    So if your traffic is outbound (LAN > WAN) then you're most interested in the target outbound queue, and the inbound queue will catch the returning confirmation/ACK packets. And if the traffic is inbound, the reverse applies.

    Hope that helps someone. Thanks a lot to Jim at the support team for the thorough and clear explanation!

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