Unable to communicate to pfSense.com

  • Its the first time i ask something in this forum, and i'm sorry if im still a noob …..

    I'm running 2 pfsense on pc's that work has wireless routers.
    I have the 1.0 version installed in one of those pc's (still have to update the other)
    I tryed to access the availables packages list, but i only get this message:
    "Unable to communicate to pfSense.com. Please check DNS, default gateway, etc."

    i realized that the pfsense wasn't able to ping pfsense.com...
    i tryed to ping other sites, and everything was ok...
    i think it's not a DNS problem, because "" was resolved ...

    why is this appening ? if i cant ping it, can i still download packages from it ?

  • Check your subnetmask at interface>wan. Maybe you somehow have a too big subnetmask? Typo?

  • im getting this message - prolly not from same thing
    i installed developer version - it didnt bootstrap so i went back to other version
    but it cant see pfsense.com for some reason or indeed any other thing…..
    i cant ping the internet from ssh to the box but im on the net here!
    mebbe ive messed up a setting - any idea what it is ?
    sorry im dumb but we cant all be geniuses like you lot innit...

    cheers mates


  • The developers edition is for developers.  Unless you know how to solve these issue on your own then you are running the wrong edition.

    In addition the developers edition is NOT SUPPORTED.  This has been mentioned atleast 1000 times.  Search the forum!

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