Dedicated VOIP ATA with dedicated IP and dedicated interface

  • Hello board,

    first of all I'm not sure if this thread was suppose to go under NAT or VIPS/CARP.

    I've been reading a little, many threads and many solutions and as a result, even because my bad english, I'm more confused then anything else. A definitive tutorial would be a plus in this case. Checked the wiki but none avail.

    My target is to have my VOIP ATA have zero issues with NAT, be able to admin the ATA from my LAN (not really required but it would helps) and Snort should be able to filter all traffic.

    Should I create a "Other" VIP, NAT 1:1 with the VOIP interface and go from there
    or should I simply bridge VOIP with WAN and then configure everything from the ATA?

    Main /32 IP and a /30 avail for VOIP and PUB. When I fix the VOIP I'll know what to do for the PUB as well ;)


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