Is this a good board for pfSense?

  • Came across this board while looking for mini itx boards. Looks interesting. No idea what it costs though.

    Seems to have everything i want in a pfsense board. I was going to go for the super micro ATOM 510 board like a lot of people here but i just wonder if the ATOM is powerful enough to run firewall/router/Ntop/Snort probe/Squid+squid packages?

    If the Atom cant run all that the pentium based board from commell should do it and it has 6 Intel NIC's on board.

    Anybody have an opinion on this? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

    John Doe

  • Please read the hardware sizing guide and other threads on this forum.

    Whether an Atom works for you will depend significantly on what bandwidth and packets per second (PPS) you're trying to push.  Sizing for snort depends on how you configure snort - it's easy to configure it so that it uses 100% of a 3 GHz CPU, or none of one.

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