Very urgent: Problem of updating of the SNORT rules

  • Hello everyone

    I am a beginner and I use pfSense version 1.2.2. I have a problem I just can not solve and I have not found a solution in the forum, my problem is that when I try to update the rules of snort (snort-old ) after the download and at the end of the extraction of rules this error message appears

    So_rules Directory does not exist …

    Error Copping so_rules ...
    [/ Font]
    and I can not find the rules.

    Does anybody can help me please is very urgent???

    1. Please post in the correct forum.  Snort is a package, so please post in the package forum.
    2. You are running a version of pfSense that is almost a year old.  Update to the latest stable release before posting about issues.  Update pfSense, update your snort package and see if that fixes your issue.

  • the problem persists with 1.2.3
    Plz help me  :'(

  • update to the latest snort as you mentioned are are using snort-old

    There was a lot of discussion on the old snort.  Basically you updated to the latest rules based on the latest snort using an old snort version.

    See this as well as other threads.,23185.0.html

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