Recommendation for 100 Mbps connection?

  • I've just had Comcast business internet installed and even though I'm provisioned at 22/5 I'm receiving 100/5 so I can't complain.

    However, my old WRT54G can't handle the speed and I think I killed it so I need something better.

    I'm very interested in pfSense but I'd like to build a system for a cheap as possible since it's only going to be used at home with a couple of home servers, etc.

    Are there pre-built systems to handle this 100/5 connection (plus ntop/rrd graphs, qos, etc)?

    Thanks for any advice.

  • General guide can be found here, one click from the pfSense home page.  From that:

    51-200 Mbps - No less than 1.0 GHz CPU

    You'll also need Gbit ports to be able to max out your 100 Mb/s service, otherwise you'll max out somewhere below that (probably in the 80-90 Mb/s mark).

    Note that the quality of the network chipset makes a big difference.  I have a 1 GHz box that'll max out around 50-60 Mb/s because it uses a low quality (Realtek) chipset.  With server grade Intel NICs you could probably get a way with a lower power CPU.  The number of packets per second (PPS) will have a big impact on your requirements, as will what packages you want to use.  You'll find many threads on the matter in this forum.

    Finally, to get a list of recommended pre-built systems it would help if you said where in the world you are.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    I did read that recommendation from the guide but it seems like most single-board computers (ALIX) only go up to about 500 MHz and only have 256 MB of RAM which is a bit disappointing.

    It seems as though I need to build my own system if I want something to handle what I mentioned above.  (100 Mbps, NTOP/RRD, QoS)

    Anyways, I'm located in Pennsylvania (USA) if that helps.

    Thanks for any more advice!

  • You've not been looking hard enough ;)

    Take a look at this (UK) for a start, or this (UK) plus an additional NIC.  A search for "mini ITX" systems should find you many online stores.

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