Sangoma S-5147 Card

  • Hi,
    I am having S5147 Card with Two RJ-45 Port and I have been able to successfully install CHDLC API for S5147(dual E1/T1) PCI adapter. Since I am a newbie for this card, it would be really great if somebody please let me know how I can generate HDLC frames over E1/T1 line using this card. Is there any script that I need to run and most of all how will I get to know if I have been able to successfully generate the relevant frame.

    Will there be sample application included in the cards that will allow you to generate frames


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Are you trying to use it for data channels or voice channels?

    If you're trying for data, I don't know that it would work in pfSense… But FreeSWITCH might work with it for voice.

  • I am trying to use it for data channel.As such S5147 never written for voice channelization.


  • Hi,
      I am new one to card and installed the driver Sangoma S5147 Daul E1/T1 PCI card along with two WAN connection driver.I am trying for  HDLC Protocol for E1 lines.For this I installed the CHDLC interface as such card is dual E1/T1 so two inerfaces is appearing.Point is again I am not geting how to generate HDLC frame.
    Step Fallow
    1)In network adapters > Sangoma WAN connection Driver :enable CHDLC Router first then enable the E1 line.
    2)In network adapters > Sangoma CHDLC Intefaces :start CPIPE Moniter to check the status.I am unable to figure out from that is HDLC Frame is generating and why error is coming .
    I am attaching the screen shot please help me out where I am missing step.

  • The missing "step" is that you're asking questions about a Windows install on a forum for pfSense (a FreeBSD-based firewall).

  • Hi ,
        Can somebody suggest me which forum is suitable for above post.
        I am stuck up neither getting help from Sangoma Support.
        Please suggest me.


  • There are a whole list of Windows or non-OS specific forums, Google should be of some help ;)

    Take a look at the likes of SuperUser for a start.

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