[patched] Apache + mod_security + proxy

  • After installed this package I've noticed the log view was broken.
    Patched file attached.
    rename .txt to .php and move to /usr/local/www/

    I've fixed few issues and the script is now able to:

    • switch between error logs

    • clear the selected log

    Some screen fixes:

    • removed half open form

    • improved view for small size monitors by removing the text "Apache+mod_security_proxy", leaving "Server logs as …."

    However after few tries I'm not able to forward any request to the back-end server. Traffic pass from WAN, but it never leave from the internal interface.

    Any help?

    Edit: topic title fixed

  • Incoming HTTP buffering no worky

    [warn] (2)No such file or directory: Failed to enable the 'httpready' Accept Filter

    Is on FreeBSD accf_http?

    # kldload accf_http
    # kldload: can't load accf_http: No such file or directory

    Would this be the cause why mod_security_proxy isn't working?

  • Had to manual configure ProxyPass and ProxyPassReverse inside httpd.conf to get it working.

    Site Proxy | Site Name *Enter a short descriptive name for the site. (e.g. intranet)
    its misleading since what you enter there will go into httpd.conf, be aware its not just a description.
    It will end up in the ProxyPassReverse!

    Will see for any other issues, maybe fix them if time permit … cheers.

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