Squid+lusca+CDN+delay pools (pfs 1.2.3) ?

  • Hello, I was wondering if the current squid version ( 2.7.8 ) supports delay-pools, and if its necessary to uninstall the default squid package after installing lusca, and does the current lusca version supports gui interfacing? the file /usr/local/etc/squid/dir.conf says "cache_dir null /tmp" while in gui it is set to /var/squid in the web-gui cache mgmt section. I've also added the delay-pools config in the "custom options" section under the proxy server general tab:

    acl bw_users src
    acl work_time time 06:45-23:15 #only limit during these hours.
    acl filetype url_regex -i ftp youtube.com .flv .msi .exe .mp3 .wma .vqf .tar.gz .gz .rpm .bz2 .zip .rar .wmv .avi .mpeg .mpe .mpg .qt .ram .rm .iso .raw .wav .mov #limit youtube and extensions only
    acl facebookapps url_regex -i apps.facebook.com #higher youtube apps(like flash games) limit.
    delay_pools 2
    delay_class 1 1
    delay_parameters 1 6000/6000 #constant 6kB/s~ rate for each client
    delay_access 1 allow work_time bw_users filetype
    delay_class 2 1
    delay_parameters 2 12000/12000 #constant 12kB/s~ rate for each client
    delay_access 2 allow work_time bw_users facebookapps

    for some reason the proxy is set to transparent but only does limitation if I config browsers to use proxy ip/port. so questions are:
    1- do we have to uninstall default squid? isn't lusca a fork of it?
    2- should I modify anything other than dir.conf to get CDN and delay-pools working in transparent mode?
    3- am I doing something wrong like a noob?

    Thanks a lot in advance  :)

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