No Menu's in GUI

  • I have installed the latest beta and the menu's will not come up in the GUI. I have done refresh in the web page.  It open just fine in safari.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You say it opens fine in Safari but don't say which other browser you used where it's broken. You also don't state which exact snapshot you are using, which really helps when trying to track this down if it really is a problem.

    The missing menu is a known problem in IE8 when used in compatibility mode, but otherwise it has been working in other browsers.

  • The problem with internet explorer 8 (ie8) still exist. It's not possible to change the compatibility mode if you use https.
    The only theme which works ist the pfsense theme because it lacks of a dynamic menu. But the help icon in the dashboard is missing.

    If you need to change the theme to pfsense go to https://<pfsenseip>/system.php</pfsenseip>

  • If IE8 is automatically going into compatibility mode, it may be necessary to disable the automatic switch to compatibility mode in the IE8 options (last tab in the settings window) - if you must use IE.

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