Lightsquid could not keep log

  • My pfsense could not record for lightsquid.

    I reinstall the package for lightsquid because the last month the lightsquid could not record for the report and I try to check for configuration but I don't understand.

    Please advise re-configuration for keep report from lightsquid.


  • The squid log enabled? And what if call lightsquid log fresh manually?

  • I checked the squidguard proxy server filter service was start but the display show stopped.


      CARP (failover)
      | |
      \ /
      Proxy report
    In this menu
    when I click to settings and click Lightsquid Report
    It's show message
    " The webpage cannot be found "
    I could not check for the daily report.

    I check for Service Proxy was started.

    Please help or advise.

  • Lightsquid required squid-proxy package.
    What packages you have?

  • Make sure you "Enable logging" inside you proxy server => General Settings. Lightsquid use squid log to compose report. (I guess).

  • i am also having the similar problem…

    i am using 1.2.3 release and light squid is enabled. it generated only 2 systems report for one day. I tried refreshing but could not get reports....

    can any one help.....

    Thanks in advance

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