Is toshiba is easy to load windows 7 on it without to much hardware problems?

  • I want to put Windows 7 on my laptop but my friend who just did it on their sony said he had a ton of problems getting it to work cause sony hasnt released their hardware to Windows 7 so it took a long time to get it to work. does anyone know if it will be easy to do it on my Toshiba?

  • Why not try asking on a forum focused around either Toshiba laptops or Windows?  On this forum you're so far off topic you're practically in the next Galaxy ;)

    When you do ask there, do try providing people with the model of your laptop, otherwise nobody can answer your question.  Of course, this assumes you've done your homework by using Google to search for laptopmodel windows 7

  • Go to and click download.  Put in your model and look for drivers for Windows Vista or 7 (Vista drivers generally work with 7).

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