Ethernet card module

  • The May 19th 2.0 snapshot detects my ethernet cards (msk0, msk1 and rl0). However, there's another "device" that shows up as urtw0 (with a MAC address). Googling around reports that it should be a Realtek wireless card but I don't have such a device. Also, pfSense 1.2.3 did not detect the urtw.
    [EDIT]: sorry, it's Friday and these things happen: it seems that my motherboard has an integrated wireless nic I never used…

    Also, this snapshot is unable to (a)utodetect the interfaces (LAN, WAN, etc). If I try the "a" option it always reports the link as DOWN (v. 1.2.3 worked fine). It's not a big issue because if I manually specify my nics, all's well.

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