Unnumbered NIC

  • Hi,
    Lets say i have 2 nics -> WAN and LAN.
    And let's say i need to carry 6 vlans into a switch.
    I already have the LAN interface but LAN doesn't classify as a vlan, instead it classifies as a hardware interface.
    I could indeed create 5 vlans on top of my LAN interface and that would give me 6 subnets (since every interface has a native vlan -> vlan1).
    But what i need is 6 pure vlans.
    Cisco has something called "unnumbered interface"
    If pfSense had the same, it would be the same as creating 6 vlans on top of LAN interface.
    But then i would need to delete the network address on that nic so that it would classify as "unnumbered".
    Anyone knows what i should do?
    I've found a way but only for 3 nics, in case i have 2 nics it doesn't work.
    I do have 3 nics but that's on my development server, my production server will have only 2 nics…
    For instance, if you have 3 nics you're forced to declare WAN ip address (or leave it to DHCP) and LAN ip/subnet address.
    Then you go to "interfaces >> assign", you change to vlans tab and you create a vlan on your 3rd nic.
    Then you go back to the interface assignment tab and you click the '+' plus sign.
    Then an opt1 interface will appear and instead choosing your 3rd nic from the combo box you choose your newly created vlan.
    That way you don't declare your 3rd nic and it won't present itself with an ip address to the network thus being unnumbered.
    I'd like to do the same with the lan nic instead of the 3rd nic.
    Is this possible on the LAN nic?

    Just tried 2.0Beta and it seems to support this feature.
    Can I mimic that in 1.2.3?

  • Based on what I'm seeing, you don't want the 'physical interface' (native interface) you're currently calling LAN to have an IP address, and want all 6 "interfaces" to be sent as VLANS, as tagged traffic?

    In pfSense 1.2.3, this is easily accomplished by defining the vlans you want, on the parent interface you want.  Then you go to the "Assign interfaces" section and simply assign the pfSense interface called "LAN" to the VLAN you wish it to be on.

    If this isn't what you're looking for, I'm not sure I'm understanding your request.

  • The way I see it, in 1.2.3 there is absolutely no way to have unnumbered interface when you only have 2 NICs.
    One NIC will be your WAN and the other NIC will be your LAN.
    You always set IP addresses on these two NICs.
    2.0B allows for not specifying an IP address at all on the LAN NIC.
    This is all I was looking for.

  • I'm 100% sure you can that on 1.2.3 using the console menu "1) Assign interfaces" -option, I've setup a similar system myself using earlier 1.2.2 version of pfSense.

  • "LAN" is just a name.
    It doesn't have to be a real interface.
    –> assign the LAN a VLAN.

    What you probably want:

    • assign interface1 as WAN
    • create as many VLANs as you need on interface 2
    • assign your VLANs as LAN and various OPTs.

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