Caching problem with game update

  • hi guys, it's been a while ;)

    i've already configured squid proxy + lusca cache (videocaching,mp3,download etc is perfectly fine)
    but i'm sure just missed something with that proxy
    and i don't know how to configure it..

    i want squid to cache game update(let's say World of warcraft, ragnarok ,seal update)..
    so i just need 1 client to download the patch  from internet
    and the rest of all just enjoying the cache from proxy

    if you are network administrator in internet cafe maybe you will be suffer because of update..

    if you have any idea how to configure it or maybe suffering the pain like me.. let me kno :D

    Best Regards

  • is there anyone who can give me the  solution plz ?
    i'll be thanking for that :D

  • I don't know the details of all of those, but I do know that World of Warcraft does not use HTTP for update downloads.  It uses the BitTorrent protocol for its updates.  If you don't want to outright block it, a couple different options would be to throttle all BitTorrent traffic or you could even try setting up a dedicated "seed box" for updates you expect people will be downloading.

    If you set up a seed box for the updates, you would want to use a client that allows you to block seeding to others on the internet but allow unlimited seeding to local clients.  There may possibly be programs available to do something similar, but in a more automatic way like caching, though unfortunately I do not know off-hand of any specific programs that can do this.

  • Thx for your answer..

    But some application updating patch using  ftp protocol..

    Is it possible to configurre squid to read ftp protocol..

    If its possible would you mind to share how to configure it.. really appreciate it

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