Adding another nic for Accsess Point

  • I have a computer that's running Vmware which is running Pfsense
    I have three nic's each one belonging to a nic in the VM
    I'm trying to make the third one to be on another sub for wireless
    I'm able to connect to the pfsense system but not more than that

    I think it's the same as this case:;topic=21747.0


  • That one was about adding a third interface and getting it working, you already have 3 working (and I've had 4 working without problems).

    Can you expand your "but no more than that".  Have you created any rules allowing traffic on that interface?  Is the pfSense host the default gateway for the devices on that network?  What version of pfSense are you running?

  • O.K
    I'm running ver 1.2.3 (the last one i think)
    yes i have created a rule in the firewall for the "Optional 1" interface
    in the configuration for the interface :
    "Bridge with" is none
    in the gateway i tried to put the interface ip or the lan ip or just blank and it didn't work

    in the "DHCP Server" I configured a lease of address
    the tests are:
    When I'm trying to ping to a site in the web (like i don't have a replay
    when trying to get to the web page of any site i don't have a reply


  • You can't ping, or just about any site on the Internet these days, it's a pointless test.

    So, please provide:

    • The IP ranges used for each interface

    • A screenshot of the firewall rules for the new interface

    • A screenshot of the output of ipconfig (for a Windows host) of a device connected to that interface

  • i will give an answer tomorrow because i discovered that i have a problem in my AP


  • @Cry:

    You can't ping, or just about any site on the Internet these days, it's a pointless test.

    Actually you can ping Google, but you are right that many sites do block pings.

  • Wonder if that's a geographical thing then - last time I checked didn't respond to pings from this part of the world.

  • O.K. im came back
    I had a power problem in the AP

    I have 192.168.42.x for the lan interface and 192.168.54.x for the wi1 interface

    the first picture is the firewall rule
    the second is ifconfig command
    the Third is Divided to tow the upper is in the wifi pfsense net and the lower is in other wifi
    you can see that i can ping google

    thank you all
    eli :)

    ![Screenshot-YaffePF.local - Firewall: Rules - Mozilla Firefox.png](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot-YaffePF.local - Firewall: Rules - Mozilla Firefox.png)
    ![Screenshot-YaffePF.local - Firewall: Rules - Mozilla Firefox.png_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/Screenshot-YaffePF.local - Firewall: Rules - Mozilla Firefox.png_thumb)

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