External MS SQL Connection not working

  • Help!  :)

    I have just installed pfsense in a vm environment and it has been great!

    I have 5 static ipaddresses setup, 1) ipaddress for the pfsense and 4 other virtual ip addresses  (I don't think this should matter but i mention it just in case)

    i have an external sql server (external to our network) and i have written software to connect to it using standard sql ports but for some reason the connection isn't being made.  If i try to connect from another network, it works fine.  Behind the pfsense - no go.

    I have the firewall wide open, i've opened the firewall completely up to try to get it to work, but no go.  I have "any" in and "any" out.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!!

    Thanks in advance.

  • What happens if you attempt traceroute from your SQL client to the external server?

    Does the SQL server log the connection attempt from the client?

    Does the SQL server refuse connection from your client because the client is running on an "unrecognised" IP address?

  • You gave me some ideas…. and i found the problem.  On our DNS server we were using C Names to point to our thirdparty sql sqlserver, but that record had been deleted sooo the sql connection call didn't know where to go (actually it was calling the wrong server).  I put the C record back in... and we're good to go.

    thanks for your help!
    Rookie mistake on my part!  :(

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