128MB of RAM required ?

  • So this is hard coded in 1.0 ??

    I sent off a computer, I'm having to redo it, and since the built-in video uses 2MB of RAM I have 126MB of RAM, the 1.0 WEBconfig won't run ?
    What if you hard coded 97MB or 128MB-16MB=112MB . . .
    it used to run with 64MB, so from rc2 to 1.0 it has doubled it's RAM needs  ???

  • The minimum specs have always been 128 mb, however it will run with 126 too. It even will run with 64 BUT it will kill processes when you hit it too hard leading to unpredictable functionality.

  • The guy I was working with freaked out because of the warning.
    He was running an old browser and pull-downs didn't work at all until we changed Themes.

    So I overeacted too. (still pissed the CF install gave weird write errors)

    BUT, it's fine to have a recomendation of 128MB; but should the WARNING on the console be at 128MB? shouldn't 96MB be good enough for basics (90% of users) ?
    I've got 25 users, 2 IPSECs and I'm at 65% of 126MB (around 82MB)

  • You can give it a try but if things break don't say you haven't been warned. We have introduced several performance improvements that eat some ram as pfSense is targeting at bigger systems. Maybe you would be better served using m0n0wall (depending what features you need and use). m0n0 doesn't have that high requirements.

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