Pfsense 2.0 reboots in an endless loop

  • Good day, i am trying pfsense 2.0 ( pfSense-2.0-BETA1-20100520-0344 )

    I installed it to a compact flash-card through vmware workstation, and chose uniprocessor-kernel to get vga-output from my firewall. ( Fabiatech fx5620 )

    It seems to start off ok and gives me a boot-menu. But after a while I get asked to input a partition, just as I did with pfsense 1.2.2. The problem is that without any warning pfsense reboot after a set amount of time.

    If I type in the right partition it continues booting but reboots after a very short time. Around 20  seconds maybe.

    Do anyone know what may be wrong?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If it reboots itself without any errors on the console or warning at all, it's likely hardware related in some way.

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