PfSense won't boot after installation

  • I have been running pfSense off the LiveCD for the past week to test it and stuff.  I seem to like it, so I used the #99 choice of installing pfSense to the server.

    I choose the Quick/Easy Install, answered all the questions.

    Now when the machine rebooted I get this:

    F1     FreeBSD
    boot:     F1

    And thats it.  It just sits there like that.  Did I do something wrong?

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    Sometimes that can happen when there is some peculiar interaction between the kernel, BIOS, and/or disk controller.

    Try some of the suggestions here:

  • Hmmm I don't see anything on that page that relates to my problem.  Is there something I'm missing?  I have no idea where to start here.

    Don't forget, I'm able to boot to the LiveCD just fine.

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    How do you know they don't relate to your problem if you haven't actually tried any of them?

  • I guess nothing on that page describes what I'm seeing…  I don't get any of the errors referred to on that page.

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    You should just go down the list and try them one by one, but you can skip the ones that mention ALIX or NanoBSD.

  • Well I didn't have any luck with the suggestions on that page.

    I read about similar issues people had on the forum and their solution was to use 1.2.2.  So I got the pfSense 1.2.2. LiveCD running, did the install and I got farther this time.

    The installer asked me a lot more questions than with 1.2.3.  I answered everything with pretty much whatever it recommended, along the lines of boot blocks etc.  I have a single SATA HDD 160G, I partitioned and formatted it as the installer suggested, essentially using the whole disk.

    After rebooting finally, I got this:

    F1: FreeBSD
    Default: F1
    error 1 lba 293178511
    No /boot/loader
    pfSense/i386 boot
    Default: 0:ad(0,a)/boot/kernel/kernel
    error 1 lba 293178511
    No /boot/kernel/kernel

    and it repeats itself anytime I press Enter.

    So whats the deal now?  The installer didn't install a boot loader?  At the end of the install it asked me:

    You may now wish to install bootblocks on one or more disks.  If you already have a boot manager installed, you can skip this step (but you may have to configure your boot manager spearately.) If you wish to install pfSense on a disk other than your first disk, you will need to put the bootblock on at least your first disk and the pfSense disk.

    So basically, it was saying, that if I didn't have a boot manager (loader?), to have the installer install the boot manager for me, which I went ahead and did.  So why is it saying there is no boot loader now that I've restarted?

    Thanks for the help.  This is not very straightforward and its frusterating.

  • Well in one last attempt, I went back to the 1.2.3 LiveCD and did the install after the bootup.  Instead this time I went through the custom install instead of the Quick/Easy install.  Apparently the quick install didn't do some things right the first time around, because I got better results when going with the custom install route.

    Here is where I got stuck this time.  This is after the install and reboot without the CD in the drive:

    It just sits there stuck.  Can anyone help me?

  • Whew, got it to work now, by not choosing "Packet Mode" during the bootblock creation part of the installation.

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