WAN - LAN (bridge) and WAN - OPT1 (natting)

  • Hey

    I have installed a pfsense 1.2.3 with 6 NICs.

    I'm trying to setup something like this:

    WAN ( -> LAN ( running af bridge setup


    WAN ( -> OPT1 ( running nat

    I will like to host some serveren on my LAN using public Ip's.
    Then I need the other network on OPT1 to be natted to the WAN interface.

    I have done this:

    • Configured WAN with static IP ( and gateway (
    • Configured LAN with static IP ( and bridged with WAN.
    • Configured OTP1 with static IP (
    • Added firewall rule: LAN * -> WAN allow
    • Added firewall rule: OPT1 * -> WAN allow
    • Change nat til AON (Advanced Outbound NAT)
    • Added af outbound rule for subnet setting for no-natting.
    • Added af outbound rule for subnet for running natting.

    I can connect to the internet from the LAN, using a global IP.

    I can't access the internet from the OTP1 network. I use as gateway.

    I the state table I got this message for every connection from OPT1-network: CLOSED:SYN_SENT

    What are im doing wrong? If you need more information, just ask and I will provide,

  • Have anybody completed running bridge and nat on same pfsense?

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