• I installed from the pfSense CD, and selected the "Embedded" kernel at the end of the install, because I'm using a 512 MB Transcend flash module.  However, I notice that my system is using a VGA console, and I understood that the embedded kernel does not- so now I'm not sure if I'm truly using the embedded kernel or not.  (I didn't directly download one of the embedded images because I don't have a serial cable handy, and I hoped that by configuring it while booted from the CD and then installing, I could bypass the need for one.)

    Is the "embedded" the kernel installed by the CD suitable for use on a flash module?

    Thanks in advance for any advice you can give, I appreciate it.

  • I thought the live CD was used to install the "full" version only and that initial install of embedded version was by writing an embedded image to a CF or similar device.

    What pfSense version is on your CD?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can install a stripped-down embedded kernel from the CD but I'm not sure if that really does stop the writes.

    If you intend to run on CF/flash you should image the media with one of the NanoBSD embedded images from the site, not the CD.

  • Thank you both for your assistance, I'll track down a serial cable and install it that way.  Your advice is appreciated.