• Ok gents please be gentle.

    I have been running PF sense for about 3 months and during that time I have played with PF, Snort, and squid alot. I have tweaked reloaded tweaked some more and so forth.

    All this playing has me interested in FreeBSD. I would like to add to my little firewall as it is not even taxing it slightly by adding in a couple features. Being a Linux/Unix/BSD ultrinoob I have to ask.

    Can I simply add-on via FREEBSD distro/video card drivers/ Sound Drivers maybe something like KDE or Gnome to stream digital video to my TV from a networked drive on my office PC's.

    1.) I really like the ease of use the web configurator gives me with playing with the firewall. (So setting up a FREEBSD version seams a little daunting considering I have a great firewall setup the way it is.)

    2.) By being able to play a little by streaming video to the Firewall box would be very cool and maybe in the long term convert me over to FREEBSD by playing little by little.

    Anyways thank you for listening to this noobs ramble.

  • Yes, but you'd be far better off starting with a general purpose install (FreeBSD or Linux).  pfSense is a deliberately cut-down and modified distro because it's supposed to be a firewall/network filtering device, not a general purpose server.  The more you add the greater the probability you'll weaken the security of your firewall (and breaking it).

  • pfSense also has a very different setup for initialization scripts and some of the layout is different.