Slow Release

  • They have tried to Install a Computer PFsense with 256MB of RAM, is that I think there is a problem, look at yesterday I was looking for information on why sometimes slow release or navigate my PC connected to a switch connected to PFsense and Restart by pfSense mistake, then when I tried to download a file that I download to 302 KB, and then pass the time and unloaded to 44 KB and that the same file that I have no set todabia Traffic Shaper, I did that test in the Dawn to time no one was in line, and I noticed one thing that you restart the Report When I was at 28% of its use, and then spend the time I reach 33% and there begins to slow download, but as I saw in a video of PFsense that the memory was 72% of its use, as not to be duty.

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