Can't open outsite cpanel

  • Hi

    i new on pfsense, i need advise my LAN can't open cpanel. exmple we host domain at outsite. it keep prompt user name and password only. what should i do?

  • anyone please help me

  • Hi, do you have snort running? If so check the alerts, it may blocking you.

    Is cPanel hosted within your lan? Not sure what outsite is sorry.

    Are you able to login inot cPanel from other locations then your lan?

    I do login from behind a snort-pfsense LAN into externally hosted cPanel and WHM with no problems.

    Also consider that cPanel uses (if enabled) its own protection system against abuses.
    If you login using a wrong password for N times user or ip may be blocked.

  • cpanel outsite from LAN. i try to using bypase from firewall and i can't login just using normal router modem.