Directory Listing thread - Where to find stuff.

  • When I use WinSCP to gain access to my pf box.  I can never remember where to find anything.  I am totally unfamiliar with the structure.  It seems like a maze of repeated cryptic directory names etc.

    I want to familiarise myself on where to find stuff and what each folders name means.

    So any helpful tips and directory paths would be awesome.

    For example I am looking for the where the squid package keeps the cache so I can see how much it is using and see what is there  (my guess was /usr/local/squid/cache but there is nothing there).  Or where the ntop pakage keeps its records etc.


  • The basic file structure is very FreeBSDish.  Expect to find files where they should normally live on a FreeBSD server.  For instances, almost all FreeBSD packages install their configuration files to /usr/local/etc so if you're curious about how squid is configured you can look at /usr/local/etc/squid.conf and in there you'll find the cache_dir directive specifying where the squid cache is kept.  You might reconsider using WinSCP (which is primarily used for transfering programs) and instead go with a full ssh client (like putty or SecureCRT) so that you can use very useful shell commands like find.