UPnP and PfSense Embedded

  • Hello I am currently running m0n0wall but am experiencing difficulties with online gaming.  I run m0n0wall on a compact flash card and would like to do the same for pfsense.  My questions are

    Can the embedded version of pfsense use upnp?
    Where can I find the upnp add on?
    Can upnp be enabled for one interface and not another?

    Thanks for your help.

  • UPnP is built-in, so you do not need to install any add-on.  Yes, you can enable UPnP for just one interface.  You can also specify which IP addresses do or do not have access to UPnP and which ports they are allowed to open up.

  • What a relief!  My network has computers, where upnp is not desired, and gaming consoles, where upnp is desired.  This will allow me to set my consoles to a static internal ip and only enable upnp on them.  It's the best of both worlds.  Thanks for your help.

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